About Town, Still

Monday: Beatles Fan club reunion. Where is my necktie? And pink lipstick? Don’t forget white Go-Go boots and Falke’s All Over Flowers Stay-ups from Jane’s Vanity. Love them, yeah, yeah, yeah...

Tuesday: Up late. Cancel bongo drum lesson. Give the mailman a house tour--he’s been asking. Make the family meatballs for dinner. Watch The Crown.

Wednesday: Catalog sweaters. Best whisper-knit yet: Dana Pisarra’s Romantic Camisole in Almonde or Antique. Perfect with jeans and a Pendleton shirt for hot springs weekend with X. Take a selfie. Garbage night.

Thursday: Family squabble. Invite everyone over for tea. Look serene in Christine Vancouver’s Faberge Silk Velvet Robe. Give each of them a puppy from animal rescue. Withdraw.

Friday: Hula hoop workshop at 10, bring the Bob Marley mix. Groceries? Cognac tasting at 3. Sushi with mother. Watch The Crown.

Saturday: Snacks for Women’s Shelter: Peppermint Popcorn, Chocolate-covered pretzels, tangerines. Pizza with father. Watch The Man from U.N.C.L.E., again.

Sunday: Long board rally, sail along in Morpho + Luna’s Mika Navy Cotton and Silk Pajama. Sunday papers. New stack of mystery paperbacks. Bottle of wine. Let the week begin!

-Kate L

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