An English Moment

Jane’s Vanity is riding a wave of brilliant British lingerie design. The UK labels featured at JV are nudging up toward double digits: Damaris, Derek Rose, Gilda & Pearl, Klements, Loveday London, Morpho + Luna, Olivia Von Halle, Rossell England and, soon, Meng and Violet & Wren. Each is delightfully different, but perhaps there are threads that bind them. What has created this special moment?

The grassroots feel of these design houses separates them their corporate competitors. They are small, often quite new, run by a single person, a pair, or a family. Each has a vision, based, among other things, on the love of British heritage, bespoke tradition, menswear, English flowers, fine art, luxurious materials, sustainability. And, of course, their countrymen’s dress code of fearless eccentricity and mixing it up! The feel is youthful, yet classic. Many of the houses design and fabricate garments entirely in Britain. Others add a bit of Italian textile expertise.

Key to their success is the wealth of educational opportunity for fashion design and art available throughout Britain. And internships on the continent. The designers can boast practical skills and experience as well as vision. But why do they choose lingerie as their medium?

The creative possibilities of lingerie design perfectly suit our busy world. Lingerie’s timelessness and simplicity blur the lines between casual dress, daytime, sport, and evening. Beautiful silks carry their wearers wherever they wish to go--in fabric designs so lovely that they offer a new argot: the language of grace and daring. One senses joy and freedom in these garments, from sexy bras to elegant gowns.

Don’t miss our JV English beauties!

-Kate L

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