Lingerie Logic

Soon it will be time for the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, the French antidote to winter. This three-day January event is a showcase of the latest intimate apparel designs. Open to the trade only, the Salon displays acres of stunning little garments, miles of models walking in defilade, a sea of bundled-up store buyers mulling it over. Which items to choose from this wealth of offerings? How can the buyers ever decide?

For Jane’s Vanity, the solution is simple. Jane and Emily gravitate to the things they love. And hope that we will love them too. And we do. The JV collection communicates a special message. Its very selective assortment promises the standouts, the items that will be our favorites for years.

Good advice in other spheres, too, to choose what we love. Could be disarming, but also freeing, restful. Perhaps even time-saving. Dangerous? Certainly more fun.

And as we embark on this voyage of adventure, we will be well-dressed, from the inside out. Valery’s Prestige Vintage Print Bralette Set to start. Perfect under a filmy tee shirt. For later, switch out the tee for the Lined Black Lace Shell from Dana Pisarra.  Or wear a fabulous Loveday London Silk and Leather Chemise as a base. Just add stay-up stockings from Falke. Grab a coat. You get the idea.

Can’t wait to see JV’s Salon 2018 choices arriving in the months to come! Have any suggestions on what you'd like to see? Join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

-Kate L

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