My Mental Vacation

What started it all? Just an inscription, in Latin, seen in a book: “Hilaritati ac genio dicata.” It is engraved over the entrance arch of the Loggetta in Vicenza’s Salvi Garden. It means ”Abandon yourself to laughter and insouciance.” What a great idea! And my inspiration for a winter stay-cation.

First off, set the mood, with tropical print pajamas from Olivia Von Halle. Choose her billowy Daria Barbara Silk Shirt and Wide Leg Trousers, in a glorious teal flower print, piped with white. Drift off to your loggetta. Well, OK, your couch.

Next, arrange a screening of “Enchanted April,” the movie for winter doldrums. In case this isn’t your tenth viewing, it is the story of two English ladies, in post-World War I London, who scheme to get out of their humdrum lives and into an Italian adventure. The result is a dream of happiness, with the bonus of dressing gowns. Don’t be left out. Wear Christine Vancouver’s ethereal Gatsby patterned velvet in robe, kimono, or gown

Invite someone you love over for dinner. Cook it together, savouring each step. Under your apron, it’s the Zac Velvet Lounge Set from Morpho + Luna. Music? Check. Candles? Affirmative. Bubbly? Of course.

Practice being insouciant. Your cat can help. Try to outdo each other being nonchalant and blase. Or just call up all of your silliest friends and have a party. Wear Gilda & Pearl’s Gina Emerald Silk Pajamas, casually lacy from camisole to wide-leg trousers. Perfect for being “heedless, carefree, lighthearted, blithe, relaxed, calm, equable, mellow, and cool.”

Sometimes vacations, or even stay-cations, can be tiring. I’m exhausted. Possibly all that Latin. Off for a rest in something “delectimenti” from Jane’s Vanity.

-Kate L

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