The Start of Something Big

American entertainer Steve Allen’s mid-century theme song, “This Could Be The Start of Something Big,” is so upbeat and evocative. Each verse describes a sudden and unexpected meeting with love. “You’re walking along the street, or you’re at a party…” His images ooze a nostalgic sex-appeal and cool. But the idea is timeless: love is right around the corner, be ready. Jane’s Vanity makes sure that you are.

Steve sets the scene (you may hum along):

“Lunching At Twenty One:” A tight little sweater might catch an eye as you drift to your table. Dana Pisarra’s Romantic Amande Sweater, worn over a silk camisole, is friendly and approachable.

“Up in an aeroplane:” Show a happy outlook with Morpho + Luna’s Amelie Gold Silk Jacket. Good company at any altitude.

“Lying at Malibu, alone on the sand:” Wear Gilda & Pearl’s Gina Peacock Chemise to dip a toe in the surf and make a new friend.

“Buying a toothbrush:” As you breeze through the drug store, a Klements British Museum Slouch Kimono would be nice for rubbing shoulders with the locals.

“Watching the Sun come up:” A Christine Vancouver Gatsby Patterned Velvet Robe sets you apart and promises a happy morning.

As Steve would say, don’t let the moment slip by. “Keep your heart awake, both night and day!” While wearing the prettiest lingerie, of course.

-Kate L

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