A Velvety Spring

The days are getting longer. But don’t put away your velvets just yet. A touch of velvet is the very essence of Spring. Take a walk in the woods to see what I mean. Spring’s delicate new growth is like a velvety garment. One that you might find at Jane’s Vanity.

Velvet is an ancient obsession. First created in silk by the Chinese, the technology traveled to Iraq and Egypt, then to Europe, where it continues to conjure opulence, luxury, and saturated color. Contemporary silk velvet and stretch velvet are sensuously soft and malleable. Ideal for creative expression and experimentation.

Just a bit of velvet adds a special touch. A velvet bra strap, for instance. The alluring Cadolle Gloria Brocade Velvet Bralette Set pivots on the use of burgundy stretch velvet to pull together floral brocade and sheer black lace. It is even more breathtaking with the addition of matching Burgundy Velvet Robe. The elegance of mid-thigh length and gold piping is electrified by its deep color of smoldering fire.
Spring’s chilly air calls for enveloping velvet. Reach for your Christine Vancouver Gatsby Patterned Velvet Robe or Kimono. The burnout effect on riotous paisley allows you to show a little Mother Nature yourself, while swathed in warmth.

Caper off to adventure in Morpho+Luna’s Zac Gold Velvet Lounge Set. Perky and versatile for forest or freeway. Spring vacation is just around the corner!

-Kate L

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