Friends of the Soul

It’s nice to have a real friend. The ancient Romans totally got it. They spoke of “Sodalis Pectoris.” Yes, pectoris means bosom. Picture Joan Fontaine charmingly explaining “friend of the bosom” to Laurence Olivier in the Hitchcock film Rebecca. But, for the Romans, the concept went deeper--in their minds this phrase meant “friend of the soul.” One is fortunate to have that sort of understanding personage at hand. Someone with whom you can be your true self and vice versa. Together to laugh, cry, chat, scheme, go shopping. February’s celebration of love should also include a warm embrace of friendship.

Friends of the Garden: Whether planning a European garden tour or a total revamp at home, flower print pajamas will suit your collective mood. Take to your lawn furniture in matching sets of the Daria Barbara Floral Silk Pajama from Olivia Von Halle.

Friends of the Train Trip: Overnight to San Francisco or Cap Ferrat. Perfect for a long chat. You’ll each be cozy in a Grazia’Iliani Capoverde Fleece Robe. Choose ivory or black.
Friends of the Bad Cold: Chicken soup, paperback mysteries, lots of tissues, and a surprise gift of a Christine Vancouver Gatsby Patterned Velvet Kimono.

Friends of the Department Store Tea Room: Order the cream of tomato soup. Smile at the thought of the divine silk slips under your proper little dresses. Choose the Morpho + Luna Paris Floral Silk Chemise or the Paris Stripe.

Friends of the Big Night: All afternoon to get ready. Enjoy every minute of the pre-party prep while wearing matching Gilda & Pearl Gina Peacock Chemises. Cheers!

Friends of Beach Shack: Mix and match Olivia Von Halle Cropped Pajamas in Daria Roxanne, Daria Amelia, and Daria Navy. Have a contest to see how many ways you can wear your Morpho + Luna Linen Nina Ajour Night Dresses.

Your friend of the...bosom...might just be Jane’s Vanity!

-Kate L

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