• Capoverde Black Fleece Robe from Grazia'lliani
  • Grazia'lliani microfiber fleece frobe is ultra-warm and comfortable
  • Grazia'lliani full-length, long-sleeve design with a waist-accentuating wrap-around belt
  • Capoverde Black Fleece Robe


Capoverde Black Fleece Robe




There's nothing harder than getting out of bed in the morning when its bitter cold. A cozy classic, this fleece robe from Grazia'lliani will get you through the winter chills in comfort and style! Ultra sleek design is both warm and figure-flattering, with feminine accents that are sure to charm you.

  • Microfiber fleece robe is ultra-warm and comfortable
  • Full-length, long-sleeved design with a waist-accentuating wrap-around belt
  • Ruched detailing at the waistline is chic and feminine
  • Designed in Italy by Grazia'lliani

Easy care and endlessly wearable, this is the perfect gift for a mother, pet owner, or someone who struggles to stay warm in the winter months.

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