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Are you that stylish person who, since childhood, has been in love with beautiful clothes and with showing them off, even when not wearing them? These days, your closet must resemble an opulent boutique. And what of your JV lingerie collection? It might be taking center stage in your closet, because it is fun to display your lovely undies, too. What will you collect and curate from Jane’s Vanity this fall? We seek kindred spirits.

Cecilia Matteucci is our inspiration, the famous Italian fashion collector. She says that she only regrets what she didn’t buy. Perhaps as a result, her bathtub has become a showcase for her costume jewelry and handbags. Get correspondingly creative to celebrate your new Orunée Bodysuit from Hervé by Céline Marie. Give it wall space (maybe above the tub) on a gorgeous hanger, draped with its matching opera-length gloves. 

Similarly, JV’s Emily Tate has a seasonal rotation of robes on wall hooks for easy access. Summertime is all lightweight, short and sometimes sheer, while winter brings out the cozy multi-layered silks, velvets and cashmeres. She muses: “I often think about that gold picture frame that we had on the wall at the Jane’s Vanity brick and mortar, that we would hang the most recent precious lingerie set in. I certainly own pieces that would deserve time in the frame! For now, I just pull them out to admire them sometimes.”

It is both beautiful and handy to keep lingerie at eye-level. Lots of choices on the web for dual-sided hanging mesh lingerie organizers for your closet. We like the kind that store bras and panties (or chemises and panties) side by side. Picture the Veronique Silk Lingerie Set in ice blue from Emma Harris, stored prettily in its mesh pockets, with a photo or bauble tucked into a corner.

Speaking of elegant closets, you might stock yours “In the Style of Jane,” with one of the new lifestyle offerings from Jane’s Vanity. We recommend a beautiful scent from Voyage et Cie by Melanie Apple. Her Porcelain Rose is available as a sachet or diffuser that is just right for closets. Her fragrant candles will dress up other rooms in your home, too.

As Marco Antonio Bazzocchi writes about director Pier Paolo Pasolini’s stage clothing in Vogue Italia, August 2022, “the naked body is the limit beyond which one cannot look. The clothes are the limit through which you can desire.” Jane’s Vanity wishes you happy lingerie collecting.

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