Pretty Scarves all in a Row

A beautiful JV scarf is one of autumn’s pleasures. More so if it is waiting for you in a peaceful scarf drawer, folded just so, lined up with its companions. Each scarf in your collection is a little work of art. It tells the designer’s story. But, as you wear a scarf, it becomes a vessel for your own memories, released by touch and scent. Remember? 

The Watchtower Giant Square Scarf from Klements was the first such statement you’d ever dared. Its size, 55” x 55,” was more than luxurious. Rather, it gave you protection and possibility. Its black background added to its versatility. The pattern blended with everything. You carried it all over Europe and wore it to enter an ancient mosaic-filled church. Remember the smell of incense? 

The Eagles recorded the song “Pretty Maids All in a Row” for their famed album Hotel California, 1976. So nostalgic. Hearing it still makes you think of beach parties. Where you might have worn a bold print scarf around your neck, such as the ones you’re admiring now from Ika Paris: Le Sunflower Scarf with splashes of yellow on powder blue or Le Poppies with its big red blossoms on a pink background. “Things to remember, places to go…pretty maids all in a row.”

Or, for a new season of memories, choose another Ika Paris combo with two versions of the striped and color-blocked Porto Vecchio scarf. One in Blu, one in Scarlet. At a size of 51” x 51,” they allow you to wear them as a sarong, shawl, head covering, or even a top. 

And then there are scarf prints put to other uses. Who could forget Cadolle’s Porno Chic Scarf Print Shelf Set, a bra and panty like no other, with just a bit of lift, a pretty silk design, and the rest left up to you?

Scarves are in your past, present, and future. Jane’s Vanity comes along for the journey.

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