Addams Family Chic

It’s an Addams Family moment. Hallowe’en is coming. Time to create a Jane’s Vanity homage to two great Morticia actresses who inspire us with their sang froid and drop-dead glamour.  A JV version of their black wardrobes will work brilliantly for all of our winter holidays: sexy, slinky, liberating, and fun.

First, we spotlight the great Carolyn Jones who created the role of Morticia for the 1964 black and white television series. She played her character as the ultimate femme fatale. There is still “merch” from the show floating around the internet. If you’re lucky, you might score a pair of cufflinks with a photo of Jones on one side and John Astin, as Gomez, on the other. But, never mind about shirts. Let’s begin our look with a bodysuit. The Orunée by Hervé by Céline Marie molds you nicely with transparent black mesh strategically appliquéd with gold lace. Its decorative high neck opens to a bare back with halter closure. Perfect beneath Christine Vancouver’s simple yet devastating Meghan Luxe Silk Crepe Gown. Did we mention that the Bodysuit has matching opera-length gloves? Trick or treat!

Then, along came Angelica Houston as Morticia for the 1991 movie. She wrote in her memoir that Jerry Hall, the famous Texas model, inspired the portrayal. To give the character warmth, Houston borrowed Hall’s “kind, gentle disposition, and utter devotion to her children.” We like to add warmth with the Luxor Wool Silk Gown from Dana Pisarra. The sheer lace inserts (up to there) will drive your Gomez mad. 

Any Morticia needs a drip of sleeve to show off her gothic manicure and be-ringed fingers. Slip into the Emma Harris Amelie Black Silk Robe and let it flutter around you as you make your entrance. The shimmering scalloped French eyelash lace at collar and cuffs will punctuate your every move. 

Join Jane’s Vanity for a smoky glass of something as we toast the witty style of these Hollywood Hallowe'en heroines.

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