Get Serious

It’s autumn. The mood is reminiscent of “back to school.” Get it done, spiff up, get serious. And wear real clothes. But, they must be clothes of just the right sort. Elegant yet fun. And carefree, in the sense that you can forget about them, because they make you look and feel great. And maybe a little stand-up sexy. Jane’s Vanity makes sure that your wardrobe is that sort of serious.

How to make it happen? Start with silk. Here are a few suggestions:. 

Base your fall look on Vannina Vespirini’s Khaki Silk Skirt and Khaki Silk Jane Trouser. The shapes are French and fluid. The olive drab color is good with black, white, and earth tones. Think how to mix them with suede boots, chunky sweaters, and your fabulous belt collection.

Or enjoy the impact and versatility of Christine Vancouver’s interchangeable and all-black Luxe Collection of beautifully weighted 30 momme silk crepe. Mix and match the Meghan Luxe Silk Crepe Gown, the Luxe Silk Camisole Set, and Luxe Silk Lounge Set. Lots of combinations. Just add a moto leather jacket and you’re dressed for the cool season. For the resort season, add the St. Tropez Silk Robe and St. Tropez Silk Top in breezy tropical print.

Autumn is the time for stockings. Wear the seriously provocative Jasmin Asymmetric Swarovski Stay-Ups from Barazandah

There’s a reason to wear your “good” clothes. Which is: why not? You have a lovely wardrobe. Succumb to it. Wear something special every day. Whether for work or play. That’s our idea of getting serious. We must go now and do the grocery shopping. In JV style, of course. Mwah.

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