The Power of Understatement

Subtle suggestion is the height of seduction. And what is the suggestion? To take it slowly, with a look, a smile, a shared awareness. Understatement in lingerie is all about suggestion, too. It begins with the most luxurious and elegant materials. Which are crafted into garments with just a little push. Not too much, but just enough. It makes you happy to wear them, to feel nonchalant, yet also powerful. Jane’s Vanity loves the power of understatement.  

Your Understatement Collection should include a gown. It covers, but clings. May we suggest the Carla Silk Gown from Vannina Vesperini in pale blue? The lace-up back is off-hand, the high slit in front is cheery. The blush lace appliqué is cool. You needn’t wear anything else. Just sit back and enjoy. 

A blouse can definitely be part of your Understatement Collection. Klements’ boxy cut Mildred Blouse is almost demure in various print iterations:  the transparent silk chiffon Bamboo Jungle, the heavier silk London-inspired FIshpool, or the peachy charmeuse silk Chihuahuan Desert. 

Silk pajamas are a delightful component of an Understatement Collection. First, plan a sexy bra underneath. Taryn Winters says ME ME ME with the Pamona Lingerie Set in black tulle with black and gold floral lace. Now add the trousers and a partially-unbuttoned top in choice of Morpho + Luna’s Colette Smoke Dancing Butterfly, the Colette Blu Jardin de Nuit, or the Ines Ivory Lullaby Leaves.

No need to shout. Whisper. In seductive understatements from Jane’s Vanity.

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