Thanks, Mom

Make Mother proud by always wearing nice underthings. Not just in case of an accident, heaven forbid. But because you might actually have to take your clothes off. For instance, at the doctor’s office, in a fancy fitting room, for airport security, or hanging out in the bridesmaid suite at a destination wedding. Here we offer some mother-approved Jane’s Vanity scenarios.

You don’t need to take everything off for your annual “all-over” check at the dermatologist’s office–you hope. Just peel down to a modest yet exciting bra set and a colorful camisole. Gilda & Pearl’s Les Fleurs Lingerie Set is shy and retiring (and on sale). While the MD peeks at you, embroidered pink flowers and green leaves on beige stretch tulle peek back from beneath Vannina Vesperini’s Sea Glass Long Silk Camisole. 

Perhaps the need for a gown or a cocktail dress will take you into a luxurious fitting room. You know you’ll be fussed over (and looked over). So be prepared, like a good girl scout. We say wear the sleek Selene Corded Lingerie Set from Karolina Laskowska. This dark-toned underwire demi-cup will look great under anything, and perhaps show a few iridescent sequins. For more sequins, add the matching embellished Choker. Bring along a chemise for smoothness: the Clara from Emma Harris in purple silk with sparking black lace appliqué.

Someday you might get patted down by airport security. Enhance your innocence in the colorful Danainae Lingerie Set from Karolina Laskowska. Its whisper-weight pink Chantilly lace is embellished with ultra-soft textural trim in colors of orange and pink. 

As a member of the wedding party, plan on some tribal bonding. That means hours of primping, gossiping, and drinking champagne. You’ll need a bra set, a chemise, and a robe. Emma Harris knows the drill. Let her guide you to the Veronique Cobalt collection of Lingerie Set, Slip, and Robe in a divine dark blue. And for the wedding reception after-party, you can rock out in the matching camisole-top Pajama. All of these pieces feature “falling flowers” appliqués in purple lace.

Thanks, Mom, for inspiring us to be our best selves. A JV gift for the leader of the pack? Mom might like Gisel B’s pearl earrings in choice of the chain-linked Margaret with fresh water pearl, the Charlotte Hoops, or the Josi Mini Hoops. Or, opt for a JV gift certificate. Because…Mother always knows best.

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