Kit Me Out

It’s springtime, and a skirt is in order. To feel the breeze, to have a change. And to enjoy the girly sensation of a pair of stockings and a garter belt. JV hosiery is just waiting to kit you out for a warm-weather adventure.

My first encounter with such a total lingerie look took place in a Parisian dress shop. Through the filmy dressing-room curtains, I caught sight of a partially-clad French matron in her own exquisite lace bra set with matching garter belt and creamy stockings. Though neither young nor thin, she radiated pride and know-how. And she was stunning.

Be that Parisienne once in a while. Do the whole thing. First perfume. Which might be a refreshing scent from Voyage et Cie. Then build your look around a sensational garter belt. JV has a lovely assortment. Studio Pia offers embroidered shapes such as the skirted Zaida, the jewel-embellished Sofia, the classic Raina with its amusing images of tiny fingers and lips. A long-line garter belt is both smoothing and slimming, so check out Studio Pia’s Petra Scarlet. All of these garter belts will mix and match with Pia’s beautiful bra sets. For your black bras, wear the elegant long-line Gold Pearl Garterbelt from Camille Rocher or the charming Ecrin Desir from Lise Charmel.

For stockings, JV has many possibilities. To acquire hosiery that requires a garterbelt to stay on the leg, contact Emily Tate on the website with your size and wishes. She will respond with an assortment of options. For “Stay Up” stockings, which can work well with a garter belt, the website shows styles of all sorts.

As Emily notes: “While garter belts are fabulous for special occasions or boudoir photoshoots, our favorite application is everyday wear: with every step, the tug of your stockings is a secret reminder that you’re wearing something seriously seductive, just for yourself.”

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