Alter Egos

You may seem quiet and business-like on the outside, but inside, ooh-la-la. Your choice of JV lingerie tells the story. What does it reveal?

–That, underneath your little cardigan, you ARE a sexy librarian in your Phelea Plunge Lingerie Set from Hervé by Céline Marie. Its ultra-soft transparent black mesh is appliquéd in gilded gold lace and supported by a comfortable mono-wire. No stereotyping here.

–That, even while wielding a cleaver in the steamy kitchen of a French restaurant, you can be a petit morceau (little morsel) in your Elsa Navy Balconette Set from Emma Harris. Feel transported to Paris by its saturated navy silk and tulle embellished with gold floral Leaver’s lace. 

–That, while skillfully piloting a 747 into LAX, you’re still a beach chick in your Fuchsia and Lemon Lingerie Set from Freolic. Fasten your seat belts! 

–That you did your taxes yourself, and got a refund, while channeling the allure of Karolina Laskowska’s Eos Aubergine Lingerie Set. The Sophie Hallete lace is irreplaceable, and irresistible. And so are you (and your gorgeous brain).

–That you can put on your game face while flaunting the Narcisse Embellished Lingerie Set from Camille Roucher. Just one size left of this black and lace silk masterpiece. Its shaped quarter cups are enhanced by hand-stitched black silk flowers affixed with tiny crystal beads. The high-waisted panty uses covered buttons to close its sheer lace rear.

Keep them guessing, you versatile thing you, in stealthy silk and lace from Jane’s Vanity.

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