Summer Sleepover

Sleepwear originality is called for when nights are hot. Often the most pleasing composition is a little of this and a little of that: a favorite camisole or bralette matched to pajama bottoms. Or, for the cool of morning, a gorgeous chemise beneath an open floral pajama top. Jane’s Vanity likes to mix and match. But can also suggest summery pajama sets that offer a few surprises.

As you create your slightly abstract look, recall the freedom of distant summers. Once again, be the pirate maiden who duels among the fireflies. Or the mysterious (but well-dressed) surfer. Or the brilliant director of neighborhood after-dark theatricals. It was all about “dress up” then, it's all about “dress up” now. Ready?

Start with a bralette. Cadolle shows the way with the chic lines of their Lola Lace Bralette Set. Comfortable black stretch lace pairs nicely with your JV treasures. Try it to offset the Morpho + Luna Acqua Pajama pants. Then augment with a Dana Pisarra Flor Silk Shirt or Tunic.

A camisole is also a perfect first ingredient for summer nights. Vannina Vespirini’s new Vegetal Camisole inspires with its transparent botanical lace atop floral print mousseline. Nice with Morpho + Luna’s Ines Gold Stripe Silk Pajama. Wear with just the pajama bottoms or as a three-piece with jacket unbuttoned.

The camisole look informs two lovely JV pajama sets. Hoorah for spaghetti straps. Violet & Wren’s Peploe Stripe Pajamas feature a sporty a-line top with ivory lace insets. Marjolaine’s Hyacinth Silk Pajama Set feels romantic with its lovely pink hue, smoke-colored lace appliques, and Old Hollywood drape. 

A chemise could sleep alone, but sometimes likes companionship. What would happen if you mixed Lise Charmel’s Sexy Rebel Silk Chemise with Olivia Von Halle’s Lila Havana Silk Pajamas? Fireworks.

In childhood, the final touch for starlight adventures would be a cape. Our grown-up selves much prefer one of Klements’s new Giant Squares: the Gothic Floral in spring green silk chiffon, or the Chihuahuan Desert in peachy cotton/silk blend. 

The sultry night beckons. Come out to play in summer sleepwear from Jane’s Vanity.

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