Thigh High

As summer breezes swirl around you, feel the freedom and delight of stay up stockings. Hitting at mid-thigh, stay ups are flirty and sensuous. They provide a little natural air conditioning in the daytime, and a wink of playfulness at night. Their many styles will suit a variety of warm-weather occasions and moods. Jane’s Vanity has a cool collection from which to choose.

JV’s favorite stay ups come from Europe. Falke sets the standard in Germany; Gerbe is beloved in France. Both companies offer whisper-light stockings that stay up via silicon-lined bands at the top. No garters necessary. The thickness of a stocking is identified by the word “denier” and a number. The lower the number, the sheerer the stocking. A 10 denier is perfect for summer, or for the boudoir. 

For daytime, Falke Fond de Poudre 10 Stay Up is a light-weight neutral to perfect your skin. The Falke Diamond 10 Stay Up, in black or nude, is ultra-sheer and incredibly soft. 

Into the evening, enjoy the possibilities of embellished stay-ups. In black, the 10 denier Falke High Heel Stay Up offers a beautiful back seam and a Cuban heel. Perfect for “stocking feet.” Gerbe’s white Camellia Stay-Up features a floral design.  Falke’s Enchanting Stay Up, in sheer black, showcases tone-on-tone vertical “tendril” patterning. Follow the stripes of Falke’s Strap Couture Stay Up to the printed accenting at upper thigh. Available in Anthracite (Grey) or Cocoon (Neutral).

As a finishing touch or a fire-starter, JV stay ups will transform your legs and, perhaps, your summer.

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