From A Distance

In the category of “Things I Wish I Had Bought” is a pair of black sale-rack mittens that spelled out the message “Over Here!” They call out to me again, in this time of isolation. A reminder to add a little extra attraction to my wardrobe. The British would refer to this as “pull.” As in, to seduce. Which might translate to a spritz of scent, a pretty color, a touch of lace. Jane’s Vanity offers a variety of ways to look fetching--from a distance.

One of JV’s favorite flourishes is to show the hem of a camisole, like a ruffle, below a simple pullover or cardigan. Gilda & Pearl’s Clara Fuchsia Camisole boasts a wide swath of burnished lace at bottom that is too pretty to hide. Wear it for a casual and artistic look above jeans or a skirt. Show off a bit of its bright silk body, too. Their Midnight Cognac Camisole Set is like-minded with black lace at the hem of a golden silk top. 

Speaking of which, the Midnight Cognac collection includes a gold silk skirt with black leaver’s lace accenting at the hem. Bias cut and falling to the knee, it defines “everyday glamour.” Versatile and eye-catching, you will indeed want to wear it every day. 

Say “Hello, world,” with a beautiful scarf. Broadcast your mood with selections from Klements’s latest collection, homage to the American Southwest. The Ivie Tassel Scarf will send the right message in either the peachy Chihuahuan Desert or the springy green Gothic Floral. These prints are also available as fabulous Giant Squares.

Create your own alluring style with special details from Jane’s Vanity.

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