Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Are you up on your “Alice?” Then you know your crazy life out-distances the Red Queen on any given day. For example:

Your ex-husband arrives with donuts at 5 AM: In that unlikely event, you’ll be utterly soignee in Violet & Wren’s Chatelaine Iris Maxi Robe.

You win the local school raffle for a choir recital at dawn. Can’t recall even buying a ticket? Well, be ready anyway in your Meng Blossom Stripe Kimono.

Your squash partner is on time. Ha! Go back to bed in your shortie Alba Keiko Pajama from Olivia Von Halle.

Your mother drives in from Palm Springs and refuses a Mimosa. So so improbable. Head for the grocery store for OJ and bubbly in jeans and your new Klements Gothic Floral Mildred Blouse.

Your next-door neighbor wins the race for city council. Could happen. Be sidewalk-ready in Morpho + Luna’s Zac Velvet Lounge Set in Bric or Gold.

You finish the NYT crossword puzzle on Friday. Never. Opt for sudoku in the intellectual Christine Vancouver Faberge Silk Velvet Robe.

Having the vapors? Luckily, your flight to Aruba is scheduled for 9:30 AM. You’ll make it. Don’t forget the passport. Thank heavens that your suitcase is full of Violet & Wren florals...with a little room for Lewis Carroll, your croquet mallet, and a deck of cards. Enjoy a wonderland of adventure!

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