Allen Toussaint of My Dreams

Allen Toussaint
Drift into a sensuous mood with the mesmerizing R & B sound of New Orleans genius songwriter, musician, producer Allen Toussaint (1938-2015). My favorite is the gentle “Sweet Dreams,” which he recorded as a duet with Tricia Boutté in 1999. Catch it on YouTube. Toussaint was a gift, not only for his music, but also for his style. A quiet man, he let his songs and his elegant threads do the talking. Toussaint took joy in life’s little pleasures, pocket square included.

Let your sweet dreams show a bit of New Orleans magic, à la Toussaint. Compose that special nighttime look with flair and fun. Layer it up with Jane’s Vanity’s excellent building blocks:

Marjolaine’s lace-encrusted chemises offer color combinations to start things going. For their Midnight and Black Silk Chemise, just add a bit of champagne in the form of Mopho + Luna’s Gigi Cupro Embroidered Robe. Or heat things up in the Marjolaine Iris and Coral Luxury Silk Chemise under Violet & Wren’s Aniseed Stripe Maxi Robe.

Cotton Club’s Lilas Camisole Set in black stretch silk adds a grace-note to the dark floral of Meng’s Blossom Stripe Kimono. Vannina Vesperini’s Opera Gilded Gold Camisole Set would look soothing beneath the splashy Klements Longline Silk Smoking Jacket.

Toussaint drew strength from his New Orleans world, despite Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of everything he owned. When he returned to start again, he felt the city saying, “Hello. Yes.” He was ready to start composing. He had new ideas all the time.

(With thanks to the BBC documentary, The Allen Toussaint Touch, also available on YouTube)

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