Defining Style

In his book, Nicky Haslam’s Folly de Grandeur, the designer/writer reminisces about his early interiors. Faded photos of these rooms might look a bit bare and meager today. But, at the time, how perfect he found them. “Maybe that is the essence of style,” Haslam suggests, “--making whatever one has, or can afford at the time, attractive at that very moment.”

Be yourself, only better. That’s a good definition of style. Cultivate your look. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Enjoy the ride.

A few perfect JV pieces can smooth the way to your own special style. The Klements Volcano Patti Dress is your little not-black basic. Take it anywhere, dress it up or down. Add a tee shirt or a statement choker. Try it with a hoodie and a slouchy belt. As Nicky says, it is fun to experiment with what you have.

Klements takes another basic, the white blouse, and spins it into the Gothic Floral Mildred version. Its cobalt images and collar, on palest pink silk, call out for denim. Or…? You’ll want to wear it every day, in a new way.

Accessories are the key to style. A scarf from Klements could get you through the week. Wear it as a turban, a wrap, a belt, a cravat, a headband, a bracelet, or a muffler (is that seven?). Waste not, want not.

Style evolves, just like you. Make it a pleasure to get dressed each day, in fabulous Klements garments from Jane’s Vanity.

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