Highest Joy

Highest Joy
Novelist Rachel Kushner writes a wonderful essay in Vogue’s May 2018 issue about how a musical performance changed her life. She was just drifting along as a cocktail waitress at music gigs, until she watched PJ Harvey play until dawn in a tiny after-hours club. It was a revelation: “I was witness to an artist who wanted to play all night because she was born to do it. She had the passion, the talent, and the incredible professional skill.”

The message Kushner took away? “To be truly good at something is the highest joy.” No longer willing to be an observer, Kushner quit her job and began to pursue her own dream.

Do you know that feeling, of being really good at something? Perhaps you would prefer not to brag. But, it is, indeed, exhilarating to work hard, do something your own way, and achieve success. The creators of the exquisite garments at Jane’s Vanity are cases in point (as is Jane herself). And, it is a pleasure to share their life-affirming delight in lingerie that is made with pride, of the finest fabric, that raises your spirits every time you wear it.

The new JV spring and summer items are beautiful examples of work well done. The color palettes from each designer are fresh and inviting: peaches and greens for Gilda & Pearl, deep blues for Violet & Wren, luscious gold into blue for Morpho + Luna. The shapes dare you to wear them in a variety of ways, from Violet & Wren’s Vita Stripe Sleep Shirt to Meng’s Peacock V-Neck Flutter Wrap. And, as always, they seem to glide right into your existing wardrobe.

In fact, the Jane’s Vanity mix is something you do so well!

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