About Jane's Vanity

Jane and Emily at the Paris Lingerie Show

About Jane’s Vanity

Apart from the obvious beauty of blush and high heels, though that's part of it, Jane’s Vanity chooses beauty with greater intention. Sophisticated. Tasteful. Sumptuous. Like you, we crave insatiable beauty.

A discerning eye is a must. One must keep in mind the shape and curves of clientele, be in love with timeless style and have a call to nurture passion and mastery. We look for lingerie designed by uncommon artists who, compelled by passion, intention and relentless vision, create personal intimate secrets. A calling back to methods before factories, in which artistry, obsession, and sweat would birth intricate patterns made from the softest of textiles and the finest of details.
Our worth is realized as lingerie procure. For you, we want an undetectable armor imbued with luxury, feeling and a reinforcement of self-worth. Not as a reflection, no. As an enveloped sovereign layer of beauty, a belief of self.

Whether you are an experienced connoisseur of lingerie, or are just discovering the luxury of the finest in feminine attire, we enjoy finding a piece that will speak just to you.

Founded in 1990, Jane’s Vanity took shape from owner Jane Adams love of Parisian lingerie and a drive to curate the finest collection from around the world. In 2007, Emily Tate joined Jane bringing a mirrored passion that fosters relationships with centuries-old, family-owned design houses and consults with clients both in person and from afar.


A little more on Jane

For nearly thirty years, Jane has carefully built the finest collections of lingerie, loungewear and intimate accessories in the world. Inspired by her first visit to the Paris International Lingerie Show, Jane became captivated by the imaginative designers’ artistry and style, and has since been devoted to creating one of the world’s most specialized collections of unique artisanal pieces. Annually, Jane returns to her favorite markets in Paris, London & Milan, buying only the products she sees and feels in person. She still owns pieces from her first trip to Paris two decades ago, treasuring the years of enjoyment provided by their exceptional quality.


A little something about Emily

In Emily Tate, Jane found an uncommon colleague and collaborator.

Emily admires the passion and tenacity of designers who create truly beautiful pieces in a niche that is often ignored by the rest of the fashion industry. While working closely with designers and building relationships, she recognizes that creativity flourishes in design on a small scale. No investors or board members to impose limits or “practicality.”

The greatest joy for Emily comes in leading the production of Jane's Vanity lookbooks. Concepting, creative directing and building the team. And of course, being able to purchase pieces specifically for her clientele.

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