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Jane’s Vanity – Né à Paris

For over twenty years, Jane has been carefully curating the finest collections of lingerieloungewear and intimate accessories in the world. Inspired by her first visit to the Paris International Lingerie Show, Jane became captivated by the artistry and style of Parisian lingerie. She has since devoted her life to creating one of the world’s most desirable curated collections of these unique artisanal pieces.

Continuing to honor the refined experience of French fashion, Jane returns to Paris annually, building her collections from the world’s most imaginative designers.

These Paris markets remain her favorites, as they are filled with exclusive designers producing small quantities of made-to-order pieces for the most discriminating retailers. Each piece created is truly unique.

Jane still owns pieces from her first trip to Paris two decades ago, treasuring the years of enjoyment provided by their exceptional quality.

A Discriminating Eye

Jane seeks the finest artistry and craftsmanship in response to her customers’ desire to experience luxury in their lives each and every day. She understands the confidence and power that comes from the enjoyment of objects of personal and intimate beauty. She aims to awaken the inner goddess in all of us.

Jane is honored to maintain relationships with centuries-old, family-owned design houses. These long-term partners continually create treasures that elevate the spirit and provide the wearer a heightened aesthetic experience.

At the same time, Jane is adept at finding fresh new talent with inspiring approaches to lingerie design. These artisans craft feminine pieces that resonate with Jane’s ideal of self-honor through feeling beautiful.

Jane cultivates her selections with a well-trained eye, a meticulous attention to detail, seeking the most luxurious fabrics and craftsmanship with a spark of genius!


Jane is as proud of her long-term relationships with her clients and customers as she is with each individual designer. Buying only products she sees and feels by hand and in person, Jane brings a tireless commitment to providing the most beautiful, highest quality lingerie in the world. She is delighted to present a one-of-a-kind experience for every collector she serves.

Jane’s Vanity regularly showcases hand-selected lingerie collections. Whether you seek treasures on our website or join us at one of our exclusive events and soirees, it’s easy to experience our beautiful collections, seasonal lingerie offerings and new accessory additions.

If this is your first time experiencing Jane’s Vanity or you’ve been with us for some time, we want to inspire the same high quality experience online as in our in-person events. In every instance, we’re here to help you.

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