A Change in the Air

A Change in the Air
What could be more luxurious than an enveloping layer of cashmere to protect from the chill of a summer evening? Hard not to feel exultant as you reach into your bag for the delicious wrap that will keep you out a few more hours--at a beach bonfire or an outdoor wedding banquet. Your nomadic spirit embraces the night.

For your next escape, Jane’s Vanity suggests a cashmere poncho from Zynni. The Ruby Boatneck Cashmere Poncho adds zest as well as warmth.

The ethereal feel of Zynni cashmere draws inspiration from designer Qing Hua’s classical training in Chinese dance as well as her study of knitwear. “Warm, delicate, light, generous, yet strong and substantial, each piece drapes with tantalizing movement only cashmere allows.” It even smells divine: “The scent of superbly soft cashmere brings to mind the subtle mystery of sandalwood and jasmine on a misty mountain.” See zynnicashmere.com.

Fans of Zynni think of these garments as special friends. Ready when you are, lovely, practical, inspired. A single Zynni item somehow becomes a collection. It is not too early to think about an autumn acquisition: the lightweight, all-natural and completely undyed Two-Toned Cashmere Robe. The style is light beige throughout the body with darker insets at the collar and front. Easy to roll up and pack for adventure.

This summer, let JV’s Zynni cashmere meet you by moonlight!

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