“On Location”

On Location
Your agent called. Filming starts next week. Whether you are joining the crew on a mountaintop, a steamy city street, or an endless beach somewhere, Jane’s Vanity is at the ready to helicopter you to a world of stylish movies. Here, a few inspiring cinematic possibilities to give your lingerie wardrobe an “extra” boost. Be a star!

Wes Anderson movies: Love the dollhouse sets, endless surprises, and cartoon pace. Your scenario could be an escape from summer camp, a life aquatic, or a Tyrolean chase. Look virtuous, earnest, and iconic in a Klements Florry drop waist dress in colorful hand-drawn prints.

Somewhere: Ennui becomes a fashion statement as Sofia Coppola orchestrates the flip side of stardom at LA’s Chateau Marmont. You’ll need shortie pajamas, lots of them. Olivia Von Halle to the rescue in the Alba Yurika Silk model, the Millicent Nougat, and the Alba Nancy.

The VIPS: Picture Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton just off the Cleopatra Set, 1963. Enjoy the turmoil at Heathrow’s VIP lounge and the over-the-top glam at the airport hotel. Under the mink, the heavenly Morpho + Luna sandwashed Alina Ivory Silk Gown.

Lunchbox: Savour romance in Mumbai as a lunchbox goes astray. The heroine requires something billowy but practical in the kitchen. Cue the airy Kew Palm Print Silk Gown from Gilda & Pearl.

Love in the Afternoon: Zoom in on The Ritz, Paris. Watch seduction turn the tables as Audrey Hepburn’s gamine style conquers the rakish Gary Cooper. Follow suit. Drive them mad with your boyish yet slinky charm in the Inez Gold Stripe Silk Pajama from Morpho + Luna.

Script your own frolic in the totally Technicolor land of Jane’s Vanity.  

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