Ziggy Suggests

Meet Ziggy, a dapper canine “Friend of Jane’s Vanity.”

Ziggy Suggests…

A walk!

As a chihuahua-mix about town, I want to look sharp on the sidewalk. I tap my nails to the beat of summer as I accompany E. on parade. I admire her choice of Meng’s Blossom Stripe Silk Pajama Set. And her strappy heels that click along to my rhythm section.


Just waiting around has never been more stylish. E. looks so pretty as she heads for the kitchen in her Tropical Wallpaper pajama set from “For Restless Sleepers.”


My dream date is an intimate chat with E. on the couch. We look regal in our coats. Mine is the shiny dark beige, hers is the multi-colored Longline Silk Smoking Jacket from Klements.   

A new friend!

I love company, it electrifies me. Four-legged, three-, two-, or one-. We are all citizens of the world. We must celebrate and look fabulous. May I suggest the Dana Pisarra Cannes White Long Caftan? So sociable.

A walk!

Let’s get out of here. Where’s my leash? Places to go. I in my usual attire, E. in her new traveling gear: the Zynni Cashmere Color Block Long Tunic. The side slit adds a spring to our step.


-Kate L

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