Seven Days A Week

Counting the days until...whatever. What day is it, anyway? Once embroidered tea towels provided a chronological clue: wash on Monday, iron on Tuesday...OMG. And can’t quite get “behind” the undies with the day stamped across the back. Instead, one might consider the adorable new rainbow sweaters on the market with the day woven across the bust. Pretty in purple on a field of lime green, or aqua on pink. A delightful opportunity for subversion--start the weekend early! But wait. Jane’s Vanity inspires a better idea.

Drift into your mental boudoir and imagine a glamorous seven-drawer semainier. Cute in French Provincial. Suave in mirror-front deco. So useful, not as a calendar cue, but as a co-conspirator. Together you cultivate your mutual obsession for seven pretty JV tableaus that offer lingerie surprises from top drawer on down: lovely scent, amazing colors, tiny momentos. For example:

Monday: A long week begins with a drawer full of cheerful stripes. Choose the Meng Blossom Stripe Silk Pajama Set. Just add a sweater. Or, coordinate Violet & Wren’s Vita Striped Sleep Shirt with white jeans and a tee. Admire the postcard from Amalfi, tucked into a corner.

Tuesday: Today you reach for lace. A difficult choice between the peachy Gina Peony Silk Lingerie Set from Gilda & Pearl and Cotton Club’s Lilas Camisole Set in black stretch silk.

Wednesday: Day to night is the theme. By this evening you’ll need a change-up. No problem to stow away a seductive Dana Pisarra camisole set chosen from an assortment in shades from berry to slate.

Thursday: A little trouble getting going? Dab on a touch of perfume, stored beside your inviting stack of Klements dresses. Inspiration appears in the form of a kicky Frieda dress in Floral Explosion or Magma!  

Friday: Early exit. Say goodbye to care as you transfer your entire travel drawer to your suitcase, topped by another Klements star, the Longline Silk Smoking Jacket.

Saturday: Play date. Bring out a brand new Dana Pisarra Lille Linen Tunic, choice of black or white. Assorted sunglasses standing by--right there.   

Sunday: Happy mood. Time to curate your world. Violet & Wren’s Aniseed Maxi Robe has been waiting all week.

Any day is a good one to add a little artistry to your JV lingerie life.

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