The Mighty Duster

The Mighty Duster

A glance at the spring offerings from Jane’s Vanity shows the duster as a fashion star. What is it? A longish robe, worn open (hint: casualness is key). This handy garment sails behind you as the ideal frame for whatever you wish to wear underneath. It looks cool with skinny pants or a little summer dress. A duster wards off air-conditioning, nudges your look into cocktail time, and allows you to rethink your prettiest coverups.

The duster has an automobile connection that originated way before Plymouth’s eponymous four-wheeled model from The Brady Bunch years. The coat version was introduced in the late 19th century to protect nascent motorists from road dust. Lightweight and long-sleeved, it provided head to toe coverage. Just add goggles and hat with veil. I remember a dress-up trunk from my childhood (not THAT far back) that included a set of dusters. So timelessly chic in light canvas with big serviceable brown buttons. They instantly transformed the wearers into daring explorers, well-prepared for hours of fun.

Don’t be outdone. Your next exciting exploit can only be enhanced by a duster from JV. Take your pick!

Violet & Wren lead the way with two summery Maxi Robes with crop sleeves and side slits: the sweetly embracing Chatelaine Iris or the beach-ready Aniseed Stripe in lightest georgette.

Meng’s silk satin confections are too fabulous to stay in your bedroom. The Peacock V-Neck Flutter Wrap will rest lightly on your shoulders throughout a day on the town.

The Klements Longline Silk Smoking Jacket is ready for adventure. Perfect for travel, wearable in so many ways.

Like many other classics, the practical nature of the duster made it a permanent part of our kit. Utilitarian no longer, its freedom-loving possibilities continue to inspire.  

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