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The multi-colored rose bouquet is a trademark of Parisian flower stalls. Tied tightly into a bubble of blossoms, it dresses up the tiniest garret or charms the grandest hotel particulier. “The best colors to mix are red, yellow, orange, hot pink, and sugar pink.”* Doesn’t it remind you of something? Your carefully curated lingerie drawer full of Jane’s Vanity lingerie sets!

Those Lise Charmel colors are like a rose garden. Use them to create your own composition. The Soir de Venise Orchid Lingerie Set offers an icing-pink hue inspired by Marie Antoinette. The Sexy Baroque Lingerie Set gives an orange zing. The Splendeur Soie Fuchsia Silk Lingerie Set provides a saturated deep pink. The Splendeur Soie Ambre Lingerie Set contributes a mellow gold. For that all-important shot of red, add the Ecrin Desir Plunge Lingerie Set. Brilliant! Step back. Admire. Wear.

Let a Jane’s Vanity bouquet of color inspire your dreams of spring.

*Flowers Chic & Cheap: Arrangements with Flowers from Market or Backyard by Carlos Mota.

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