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Feel the support of five generations of bra technology in the exquisite designs of the Parisian house of Cadolle. In fact, its founder Herminie invented the bra as we know it in 1889. Since then, her female descendants have made Cadolle a “living tradition [that] continues the story of French expertise in sexy luxury.”* The tradition extends to a business made up entirely of women at every level. And to lingerie in all its variety. For the fall season, Jane’s Vanity particularly loves the “Cadolle Touch” of their corsetry.

Cadolle offers a new type of corset, made of modern materials, comfortable, non-constricting. Often with a zipper, rather than a cinch. But, don’t think of it as a corset, rather as a layer, an accessory. The styles range from full-on to bustier to waist cincher to even a little jacket. Some were created for the dancers at Paris’s Crazy Horse cabaret. A cheery thought. Certainly an impetus to try one.

Emily, of the JV team, can comment. “I wore a corset under a vintage dress (with teeeny waist) all day and into the evening. A well-built corset just feels like a tight hug. The feeling is actually kind of comforting.”

And au courant. The choice of styles, beautiful materials, and witty touches make a corset a new essential for your lingerie arsenal. Picture it under a suit, over a ball skirt, or as a casual accent. Corset dressing has arrived.

Be part of the JV homage to Cadolle corsetry. Share the love. And feel the family’s joy in creating garments that they call “a new symbol of independence, glamour, elegance.”

   *Quote from Edwina Ehrmann, curator of the Victoria and Albert Museum Show “Undressed, a Brief History of Underwear” which ran April 2016 to March 2017, in London.

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