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Guilty Pleasures Jane's Vanity 

Sometimes a certain movie speaks to you, no matter the general opinion. Perhaps you prefer it that way. What do the critics know, anyway? Sneak off and watch it AGAIN. Wear the appropriate loungewear, of course--from Jane’s Vanity.

Ocean’s 8: A perfect little heist movie. Tight, witty, fast-paced. A girl’s best friend. Like the Coco de Mer Obsidian Lace Slip, which you happen to be wearing. Take mental notes on the movie’s New York vibe, cool clothing, jewels (!), interesting interiors, and cameo performances. Hope for a sequel.  

5 to 7: You know the concept, speaking of guilty pleasure. The French phrase “cinq a sept” describes the ideal time for an affair. This one takes place in a posh New York City. She’s French (very). Older. Married. He’s an idealistic young writer. At first things are lighthearted and passionate. But, soon.... Allow yourself to be swept into this bittersweet fairy tale, with its beautiful setting, snappy dialog, and nostalgic mood. Wear something, mmm, French. The Cadolle Tatouage Bodysuit under the Burgundy Velvet Robe, bien sur.     

Last Love: For this one, you must wear a pretty bra under a see-through blouse. It helps you relate to the wardrobe of heroine Clemence Poesy. Try Vannina Vesperini’s Classique Gold Lingerie Set under the Cadolle Mallard Lace Blouse in teal. You’re ready to watch a May-December friendship develop between Poesy and Michael Caine in Left Bank Paris. Can a lonely dance instructor save an American widower at the end of his rope? The story is like a dance itself.

Love figures into all of these stories. The movie-makers have taken some risks and delved into the topic in their own ways. Will these films be your guilty pleasures? See for yourself, in your cinematic JV wardrobe.

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