Pajama Heritage

Creative pajama-dressing is the trend at my house, where Jane’s Vanity selections run wild. The beautiful colors and patterns of pajamas are a great backdrop for all sorts of lacy underthings, including chemises. I add or subtract as the day goes along. Jewelry is a must. My look recalls the traditional women’s garb of the Indian subcontinent. Here I pay homage to the source:

Pyjama: A lounging concept borrowed from India by the British and embraced worldwide. I lust after the Lila Phaedra Silk Pajama from Olivia Von Halle. Its navy blue background showcases a vintage-inspired palm print in shades of pink, green, and gold. It is piped in sparkly pink lurex and buttoned with pink Swarovski crystals.

Kurta/Kurti: A pretty tunic, long or short, wearable in many ways. A JV chemise could be my substitute. Gilda & Pearl’s Salon Privee Silk Slip is crafted from blush pink stretch silk. Its simple silhouette hits at upper thigh on most. Silk cups are accented with shimmering metallic French lace.

Salwar Kameez: Perhaps a variation on the pajama, it is a two-piece daytime suit worn by South Asian women, men, and children. Loose pants are topped by a long lunic that is slit at sides for ease of movement. To get the look, I would combine the two pieces mentioned above: the pink chemise (kameez?) layered over the palm print Von Halle pajama bottoms. With the addition of pajama top, I would have my own special spin on working at home. If I want a lacier look, I might choose Gilda & Pearl’s Midnight Jade Chemise instead. Its teal-colored body and black French leavers lace would add interest to Von Halle’s jungle print Lila Fellini Silk Pajama.

Dupatta: A salwar kameez just needs a long scarf. So do I. I will choose Klements’s Gothic Floral Ivie Tassel Scarf in scintillating spring green print with black fringe.

No borders for dressing in lovely assorted lingerie from Jane’s Vanity.

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