Don’t Forget to Dream

What’s your North Star? The thing that guides you through? The COVID pandemic has shaken things up, but forced us to center. And to remember what we care about. Let’s throw off the haze and follow our dreams. In our Jane’s Vanity favorites.

Gloria Steinem says, “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming. we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” You might set the stage for this important work. Nothing too fancy. A quiet walk would be nice. Or a physical meditation, such as making bread. Sit and listen to Beethoven’s “Pastoral.” And wear something special that skims your body and transports your mood.

A JV coverup is just the thing for dreaming. Loose, colorful, and slightly otherworldly, a lovely robe can free your soul. Looks great over jeans, too. Violet & Wren’s Saguaro Gold Longline Silk Robe, with its cheery print, short sleeves, side slits, and navy grosgrain trim, will follow you around as you do your best thinking. Christine Vancouver’s new Origami Long Silk Robe will wrap you in patterns of possibility--in shades of red, white, and seaside blue. The Vegetal Robe, from Vannina Vesperini, is light and sheer and totally inspiring. 

There is a new shape to our days. Things sometimes take longer or can’t happen at all. And yet, there is promise. Dream big. Work hard. And don’t forget to love.

Photo by Ray’s Photography
Model Bree Phillips


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