On the Map: My Loungewear Coordinates

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My lingerie GPS always leads me to Jane’s Vanity. And there, I find my bearings.  True Navy, like True North, is my guide, sometimes embroidered with black. Looks so right with all of my coverups. Perfect coordinates. Or, sometimes, navy stands alone. See what I mean:

The Marjolaine Midnight and Black Silk Chemise: Morning ablutions gain glamour from a peek of its lace beneath the Violet & Wren Ebony Tulip or Chatelaine Iris Kimono.

Morpho + Luna Chloe Night Silk Gown with black lace detailing: Just requires the Olivia Von Halle Capability Silk Robe to accompany it out to the mailbox.

Marjolaine Midnight Silk and Lace Gown: Navigates solo, directly to a private tea party.

Olivia Von Halle Perminova Navy Silk Gown: Steps out for dinner with the Bella Cupro Embroidered Jacket from Morpho + Luna.

Christine Vancouver Navy Glamour Gown: Twirls into the evening, with the Violet & Wren Chatelaine Iris Maxi Robe at the ready, for later.

Choose navy from Jane’s Vanity and never get lost.

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