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As we return from summer travels, personal space is looking awfully good. What a pleasure to have that private oasis, however quirky. So gratifying to give it a little TLC. Then, clad in Jane’s Vanity loungewear, to recline there and take in the view. The scenario makes a perfect metaphor for the transition to fall, whether the vistas turn inward or float off to the horizon.

A Room of One’s Own: Virginia Woolf spelled it out. Claim your creative territory in something Bloomsbury. Drift about in the floor-length devore Christine Vancouver Faberge Velvet Robe in periwinkle blue silk.

A Room With a View: E. M. Forster or Merchant/Ivory? Why not both? Give an Italian twist to feminist inspiration in the matching Persefone Blouse and Tartaro Trousers in the Aqua Landscape print from For Restless Sleepers.

The View from Penthouse B: Escape into a light romance! Of the printed variety. This one, by Elinor Lipman, chronicles the adventures of two sisters as they navigate the financial straits of post-Madoff Manhattan. Smart and fun, like you in your Violet & Wren Chatelaine Iris Maxi Robe.

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