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The kaftan was an afterthought, tossed into my suitcase at the last minute. Just for fun. Hardly an essential. But it made all the difference on the trip.

Perhaps a kaftan seems frivolous. Not so. It is a practical friend on the road. To wit:

Day 1: As I unpack and settle in, I am happy to swish around my room in the Dana Pisarra Dream Embroidered Cotton Kaftan. Nothing to tie, ¾ sleeves, capacious and mood-enhancing. Let the vacation begin--with a nap.

Day 2: The breakfast invitation is a bit opaque. Brings to mind the beauteous model Marie Helvin’s rueful recollection of her own appearance at an English country-house breakfast, “..wearing full makeup and a white satin Dior negligee and matching white satin peignoir (I had bought it especially for the stay, not realizing that the correct English breakfast apparel was your husband’s old pyjamas and a Barbour.).* Today, a compromise is in order. Something modest but cheerful, casual but soignee. A caftan suits the protocol. Please pass the curry and the crossword.

Day 3: A surprise poolside luncheon calls for a kaftan over my bikini. Heavenly.

Day 4: Laundry day. Need I say more?

Day 5: Weather gorgeous, hot and sunny. The evenings drift on and on. The kaftan begs to come along, in boldest jewels and prettiest sandals.

Day 6: Showers passing through. To ward off the chill, I wear the Cotton Club Lilas Camisole set in black under my caftan.

Day 7: Everything packed, kaftan on top. Next time I’ll bring two. From Jane’s Vanity!

*From The Autobiography by Marie Helvin. 2008.

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