Swing From The Heels

You’re up at bat. Here comes the pitch. You need to make it count. So, swing from the heels, baby. Dig in, and give it all you’ve got! A pertinent philosophy for getting dressed in the morning, too, with the loveliest underthings and loungewear from Jane’s Vanity.

“Swing from the heels” would also be a fitting motto for the Jane’s Vanity team as they search for just the right items for the website. Months of travel, visits to designers, discussion, and preparation back home result in a stunning and unique showcase of lingerie. JV’s passion shows through in every garment.

Share this joyous approach. Wear something fabulous every day. It is liberating and inspiring. What’s new at JV? Try the Speciale Red Bralette Set from Cotton Club. Saturated red silk is the basis for accents of lavish taupe lace. Or get into the Valery Emerald Longline Lingerie Set with its sheer cups and swoops of lace that extend down the ribcage.

Lise Charmel offers Ambre Splendeur Soie designs in lingerie set, camisole, or babydoll-length chemise. Scrolling black embroidery is breathtaking against luscious gold silk. Gilda & Pearl’s Clara Fuchsia Camisole is a total show-stopper in deep vibrant pink embellished with burnished gold lace.

These spectacular choices, along with all of the other heavy hitters on the JV website, propel the wearer into a whole new ball game. Suit up and savor it.

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