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Sometimes one takes pleasure in dressing for invisibility. To blend in. Even to hide. Underneath, it is a different story. But that is part of the fun. Your secret. Come along for a few stealthy scenarios, with a wink from Jane’s Vanity:

Language class: Here in the back row, one’s serious gaze gives nothing away. Look prepared in the modest Emerald Cashmere V-Neck Sleeveless Shell from Zynni. Pretty alone, over a blouse, or under a blazer.

Jazz Concert: To play it cool, aim for an intellectual look, with a twist. Just disappear into the Zynni Boatneck Cashmere Poncho and skinny jeans.

Overnight flight to Amsterdam: Practical layers hide (mostly) the Dana Pisarra Romantic Amande Camisole that will be a friend for the next two weeks of adventure.

A winter walk a deux: Bundled up and arm in arm, you just need the romance of a glimpse of silk at your throat. Choose the Klements No Place Like Home Medium Scarf with its photos of Asian-themed artworks around London.  

Afternoon at the movies: Back row again--Mamma Mia! This time you project an air of delightful anonymity in Olivia Von Halle’s Coco Jet Black Pajama.

Stargazing on an autumn night: Feel at one with the cosmos as you wrap yourself in the deeply patterned violet silk twill of the Klements Longline Silk Smoking Jacket.

Create a world of mystery in subtly gorgeous garments from Jane’s Vanity.

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