Jane’s Vanity Gets Out the Vote

JV and The Vote

There are lots of ways to live the dream of autumn. Bike the kiddies to Goodwill for another bang-up Hallowe’en costume. Plan a splendiferous Thanksgiving feast. And, most significantly, exercise our precious right to vote. Jane’s Vanity provides dreamy voting attire.

In October, we look seasonal for the voter registration rally in amber and black. Lise Charmel’s Splendeur Soie Ambre Camisole does the trick in harvest moon satin silk trimmed with elegant black scrollwork embroidery. Looks a treat with skinny jeans and a leather jacket.

Soon the voters’ pamphlet crashes through the mail slot. Good thing it falls near the couch. We start slow, but gain momentum, in our transporting 
Bianca Robe from Morpho + Luna. The new bespoke seaforest print from Tom Gallant is a pleasing study in petrol blue, emerald greens, and flashes of silver.  

In Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, the ballots come by mail. And we can mail them in or drop them off before the election. We join the crowd to stroll ours down to the library in our soigne Klements Committee Print Aurora Gown.

Everywhere else, they’ll need volunteers on Election Day. We’ll be there. We can collapse later in front of the TV in our patriotic best. That would be the gorgeous Trailing Guava Backless Gown from Violet & Wren.Three cheers for its tropical red, white, and inky blue design.

We the people...   

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