• Morpho + Luna chloe midnight blue washed silk gown
  • Navy blue gown from Morpho + Luna is constructed of an indulgent sueded silk
  • Non-adjustable spaghetti straps on the Chloe silk gown are made of the same washed silk
  • Chloe Night Silk Gown

Morpho + Luna

Chloe Night Silk Gown




We’re constantly astonished at the fabrics Morpho + Luna is able to source, but this washed silk may take the cake. The hand is like suede and velvet and silk all combined: sinfully, luxuriously decadent. Slipping into this beauty is like a full-body caress. Luckily for you, it would be a cinch to style and wear out as a dress, so there’s more time for wearing.

  • Navy blue gown is constructed of an indulgent washed silk
  • Non-adjustable spaghetti straps are made of the same washed silk
  • Empire neckline has delicate black lace detailing
  • Cut slim and narrow throughout the body
  • Designed in the UK by Morpho + Luna

This gown is long, lean, and elegant - perfect for curling up with a cup of tea, or better yet, a glass of champagne. A true classic, this piece is a beautiful addition to any connoisseur’s loungewear wardrobe.

FIT NOTE: There is no stretch to this silk and the cut is narrow. If you’re between sizes or particularly curvy for your size, we recommend sizing up.

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