Old World, New Twist

Old World New Twist

When an elegantly edgy British lingerie business partners with London’s fabled Victoria and Albert Museum, Jane’s Vanity takes note. As Sherlock Holmes might say, “the game is afoot!” This fall, luxury brand Coco de Mer UK ventures into new territory with a swooningly beautiful line of garments inspired by the museum’s collections of art and design. The scrollwork of 18th century scent bottles becomes embroidery, the Wreathnet motif of William Morris becomes nightwear, a Korean inlay of mother of pearl informs floral fabric designs.

And, as one gazes at this lovely lineup, a particular character from the Sherlock Holmes canon comes to mind: Irene Adler, “always the woman” for Arthur Conan Doyle’s Victorian Era detective. Holmes’s cold heart melts as she outsmarts him with daring and style in the short story A Scandal in Bohemia. The character of Irene Adler is at her most enticing in the recent BBC television series Sherlock. Scintillating actress Lara Pulver does the honors. For a modern spin, in the episode “Scandal in Belgravia,” Irene is reimagined as a spy/dominatrix with a sense of humor (listen for the ringtone of her mobile phone). Irene would love the new lingerie from Coco de Mer UK.

The company name, Coco de Mer, takes inspiration from a palm found in the Seychelles that bears a large elongated double-coconut-shaped fruit. The history of sexual myth around this exotic plant can easily be imagined. But such a pretty name also conjures sophistication and romance. A perfect title for a very modern lingerie boutique and website. The V & A seems to approve.

As will you, when you see the beautiful and sensual loungewear from Coco de Mer UK at Jane’s Vanity.

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