Secret Garden

Secret Garden

A summery secret garden is the perfect setting for your Jane’s Vanity wardrobe. Here, the magic of nature creates an intimate opportunity to wear whatever your heart desires. A giardino segreto is an ancient concept. Throughout history, from Asia to North Africa and around the Mediterranean, it provided a dream of sanctuary. Then, as now, a hidden corner could be transformed to a place of delight. Elaborately or humbly executed, the formula is simple: shade, a place to sit, the sound of water, the color and scent of flowers, the whisper of music. Timeless. Come outside to your own special place, dressed as you please in a magical garment from Jane’s Vanity.

In your Moroccan oasis: The Dana Pisarra Cannes White Long Kaftan suffices.

In your sylvan seaside retreat: A Zynni Cashmere Poncho wraps you in luxury.

In your Italian grotto: A new lingerie set feels delicious with just the billowy protection of Morpho + Luna’s Bianca Blue Tropical Silk Robe.

In your city rooftop glade: The Kew Palm Print Silk Gown provides camouflage amidst a jungle of potted bamboo.

In your floating Kyoto world: Meng’s Blossom Stripe Kimono fits the mood of a dark river balcony.

In your Greek island haven: Morpho + Luna’s Bina Cami and Tap Pant Set is just the right accompaniment to ouzo at sunset.

In your topiary zoo: Olivia Von Halle’s Capability Robe suggests a twilight stroll among the elephants and chessmen.

Feel the enchantment of secret gardens and loungewear to match from JV.  

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