Dining Al Fresco

Dining Al Fresco

The invitation says “al fresco.” The Producers comes to mind--hot dogs in the park? No no no. Italian speakers would translate the phrase as time in the “cooler”(jail). Probably not an invitation for that, either. Rather, a call to spend the evening poolside, on a tented lawn, or under an arbor. And a hint to dress with bohemian flare. Picture yourself reclining in a nest of pillows, bathed in candlelight, surrounded by the sounds and shadows of a moonlit bay. Cue the lightning bugs. And the guy in the corner with the guitar. Look slightly extravagant in amusing (and protective) layers from Jane’s Vanity. Mix it up, and go boldly into the night!

The Klements Rainbow Trout Dusk Dress offers a natural choice. Diaphanous yet cozy, regal yet hip. For later, carry along one of their big silk squares.

For Restless Sleepers has you covered in the Rosa combo of Wallpaper Landscape Etere Trouser and Floral Poine Kimono Shirt. Underneath, show off a lacy peek of Dana Pisarra’s Lio White Cotton Camisole.

The sweep of a Zynni Cashmere Plisee Maxi Skirt provides a nice balance for the sheer sweatery Romantic Amande Camisole. Let the Grarzia’Iliani Silver Wrap Top hang loose as an afterthought. Bellissima!

The Longline Silk Smoking Jacket from Klements creates a frame for your evening. Wrap it close, or wear it open over tank and skinnies.

Let JV set the opulent mood for a summer soiree under the stars.

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