New Year, New Lingerie

2017 is upon us, and what better time to renew our commitment to self-care and self-love than while setting our intentions for the year ahead? While the coming year may bring many uncertainties, the best way to face its ups and downs is with a strong footing in your own self worth. 
Traditionally, New Years resolutions have a lot to do with physical appearances, and less to do with caring for the strength and security of our deepest happiness & sense of self worth. While eating well and maintaining physical health are essential in a long and happy life, there is an element left by the wayside when pursuing these objectives solely for the physical manifestation of losing weight: your actual wellbeing. In a culture that never ceases to have opinions about the choices and appearances of women, it is vital to have a healthy relationship with your self first and foremost – body and soul. 
Too often, women view lingerie as something somehow beyond their reach. Whether they feel that they can’t wear it without a partner to show it to or that their body is somehow unworthy, there is frequently a sense of shame underlying women’s relationships with lingerie. These feelings are pervasive in American culture, and they are toxic. 
We are dreaming of the shift to a new reality in 2017, one in which women are filled with self love, and their motivations are centered in their best interests for health and happiness. Look in the mirror with love in your eyes, and take time out of every day to pursue your own happiness. Indulge in the things that bring you joy, even if no one but you will ever see or appreciate them. 
We are a woman-owned and run company with 26 years in the industry, and over 90% of our customers are female. Our purpose has always been that of collecting and offering the most beautiful lingerie creations in existence, and helping empower our clients through holding this beauty nearest their skin and their hearts. We look forward to continuing this process throughout 2017, and helping more women experience the joy that is inherent in luxury lingerie.
Pretty panties for all!
Emily & Jane

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