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The making of a "Nuisette" by
It all begins with an inspiration, a creative mood by the stylist Elise Anderegg herself. Born in Switzerland, Elise came to Paris to attend a famous fashion design school and to fulfill her life-long dream: become a fashion designer in Haute Couture.

“I was lucky to begin my career at the Maison Solstiss, one of the most respected 'Maisons de dentelles' (lace houses) in France, creating lace designs for the most famous brands, like Chanel, Dior… I fell in love with this airy, enchanting material, it inspired me. I began designing chemises, babydolls. And then one day I felt ready: I decided to launch my own brand.

Designing fine lingerie is for me the perfect balance between my passion for 'haute couture' and its amazing 'savoir-faire' (sophistication), and my love for the delicacy, the transparency of lace. I create a lingerie made to be seen, chic, elegant and glamorous, very Paris.”

“My wish is to make every woman feel beautiful, desirable; just like for a first ‘rendez-vous’: this very special moment where a relationship can begin to blossom.”

“As a designer, the most important thing for me is to feel free to follow my creative moods. It is essential, vital. It is my oxygen. I have multiple sources of inspiration: a café terrace, women walking along the streets in Paris, a song, an art gallery, and of course, movies: the great Gatsby for example, my favorite film.”

 But a design, an idea, is nothing without a perfect realisation. Therefore the brand has its own workshop. Located in Bourges, in the heart of France, it is the symbol of Elise’s lifelong attachment to French 'savoir faire' and quality.

“I love to associate the transparency of lace and the softness of silk in my creations. Working these two delicate and precious fabrics is an art in itself. It requires great technical skills, a taste for beauty and a touch of perfectionism.”


 All qualities that Elise was blessed to find in Alban Vias , the brand prototypist and workshop manager.

Alban chose this profession out of passion: “I always dreamed of a career where I could express my creativity. I love working with my hands, touching the fabrics, feeling the job being done.” 

“In this job, every day is different. What I especially enjoy is to help the creation by making the wildest ideas technically possible! The thin and soft fabrics used in fine lingerie are so fluid, lightweight. You need to take the greatest of care to sew them precisely. Lace is also very delicate, and combining the two brings about a lot of challenges.” 

Lace overlay in particular is a very precise and delicate operation. First of all, the exact position of the lace motifs, “dents” , must be precisely defined in the sewing pattern. then the lace is carefully placed on the silk, piece by piece. 

Once pinned, the lace is carefully sewed on the silk, with very tiny zigzag stiches. 

Finally the silk is trimmed at the edge of the lace to reveal the motif. 

 Luxury, refinement, savoir faire: a piece by Elise Anderegg is the essence of French Elegance.

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