The Season of Magic

I'm at our home in Scotland for a few days & I never tire of the serenity, & the deep restive peace this setting inspires.  I'm looking out my window across the field to the loch that's as smooth as a mirror & just as reflective; watching cloud patterns on the water; all very dreamy. I hope to take this calmness with me when we depart for the States tomorrow.  That's a gift I will give myself.

During the holiday season, it's easy to lose sight of yourself. There are parties to give & attend, there are gifts... who are we forgetting?!  Maybe it's ourselves.  Gift yourself kindness.  It can be just a few minutes more on yourself, during the course of your day.  Linger in your bath a little longer, or a few minutes more enjoying a book. A few stolen moments just for you, can revive your spirit enough for you to truly enjoy this season of magic. 

Happy Holidays!

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