Paris, Here We Come!

Jane & I are finalizing our impending travels to Paris for the Salon International de la Lingerie, plus meetings with a variety of brands and showrooms in London and Paris. On this trip we will be purchasing for Fall/Winter 2017-2018, with a few potential add-ons for the coming Summer months.

These travels are a complete whirlwind. We already have 10 appointments scheduled for one Saturday alone, and always need to leave time to wander the aisles and discover new collections. Each brand brings their a-game to the markets, often with models available to showcase any design you're interested in, and always with the end game of securing as many confirmed orders as possible for the season to come. Sometimes the trends for the season are obvious – one year we went to the market and every single brand we viewed had created a collection in navy blue – and sometimes they're more diverse. We must be vigilant in remembering what we have, what we need, and not ordering too many duplications in size and style while neglecting other options.

It is also a game of projection for the year to come: what will be popular? What sizes will sell best? How much of an increase in sales can we count on? Choosing what to bring in is largely based on what sets our hearts on fire, but also on our understanding of what our customer base wants to see in the year to come.

Are there brands, styles, or sizes you'd love to see more of from Jane's Vanity? Contact us on our website, facebook or twitter and let us know. Your feedback will help shape incoming collections, so don't be shy!

Wishing you could jet off to Europe with us to see the latest luxury lingerie? We have a wonderful option for those who wish to live vicariously. Join us at 11am PST on Saturday, January 21st to view a live stream of an exclusive fashion show by Lise Charmel. Jane and I will be in the audience, and would love to know the favorite styles of our clients at home! Click this link for a sneak peek and more details:

Looking forward to finding the latest and greatest collections to bring home for all of you!
xo, Emily

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