Lingerie: The Mini-Series

Jane’s Vanity loves the work of designer Karolina Laskowska. Her pieces evoke other worlds, impossible dreams. In fact, each lingerie set is worthy of its own TV mini-series! Gaze closely at Laskowska’s pieces, and see the cameras begin to roll on unforgettable characters, startling plot twists, brilliant staging, and divine costumes. (With apologies to Apple TV+, HBO, FX, ITV, and so on…)

The Newest Look is a couture story set, not in Paris, but in Oslo, Norway. Laskoswska’s team spends months hand-embellishing precious Solstiss lace that becomes the Tagetes Couture Lingerie Set in shades of beige, orange, red, pink, and gold. Its monowire bra permits an uninterrupted panorama of scrollery mixed with delicate ribbon-work rosettes. Will the wearer show it beneath a gauzy sweater, a negligee, or a slightly undone blouse? Stay tuned.

The Purple Lotus: Life at a fancy Sicilian resort just got more interesting with the arrival of the Eos Aubergine Lingerie Set. All eyes are on its lilac and aubergine lace, re-embroidered in shades of pinks and purples with gold sequins. It might flash by on a yacht tender, dance down the beach some sparkling evening, or disappear into the (wrong!) palazzo. 

The Bare: A Chicago sandwich shop is just the place for the sophisticated Nereid Lingerie Set. The high neck of its navy blue Chantilly lace gives the counter service a little attitude. And promises a few surprises too, with its sultry mono-wire shape. Will the locals make nice?  

Somewhere Abbey:  A costume drama at last. In a formal, candle-lit dining room, our heroine shocks the guests by bending over her soup to expose the Danainae Lingerie Set. First she reveals the textural trim, in orange and pink. Then allows just a glimpse of the dainty pink body of Chantilly lace. She knows that much depends on dinner.

Dazzle the airwaves, with exciting couture adventures by Karolina Laskowska for Jane’s Vanity.

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