Smiling Up

It’s a face-off along our spring-time sidewalks. New flowers flirt for attention as we walk by. As if to say: Hello! Down here–nice, huh? Thanks for noticing, because each of us is a unique composition of color, shape, identity, and presence. Take home their wisdom and dress for Spring your way in blossoms from Jane’s Vanity.

Why not start with the zingy Fiori Bodysuit from Gilda & Pearl? Its beige stretch-tulle is embroidered with vines of tiniest multi-colored flowers that beg to be noticed. And they will be. This versatile low-cut piece can be worn either forward or backward. Handy for the equally verdant Greenfinch Midi Dress from Zoelle, whose deep V back would blend nicely with a slight “reveal” of bodysuit. The dress itself beckons spring with two back-to-back prints in lustrous shades of green. 

Wishing for violets? Then have your choice of Emma Harris’s Clara collection in deep purple with shimmering black floral lace appliqué. Choose the Chemise, Smoking Jacket, Pajamas or Camisole Set. 

Did someone say forsythia? Or daffodils? Or buttercups? Spring must have golden yellow. And you should have the Persephone Silk Camisole Set from Gilda & Pearl in pale yellow silk with white floral lace accenting. And while we’re at it, the spangled Margot ivory Lingerie Set from Taryn Winters. (Psst: both are on sale!). They would make a beautiful bouquet beneath Violet & Wren’s Camo Bloom Blouse in oversized magnolia print.

For bedtime, play with two favorites. First the Jardin de Nuit Pajamas from Morpho + Luna. Their teal background is printed with an exquisite floral pattern that reveals the language of flowers and their hidden message of courage, strength, love, hope and desire. Just for fun, leave the top open over Gilda & Pearl’s Sophia Jewel Green Camisole.

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